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Company Profile

With the passion of our founder in discovering innovative products and insight in future demand in green technology, Hang Tai (Far East) Trading Ltd (‘HT’) is established in 1979 and became the pioneer to introduce solar window film and promote energy efficiency in China.  The renowned brand ‘Skylight’ solar window film brand is then established in the early 80’s.

Built on the success in window film business, HT diversified its product portfolio to a comprehensive range of high-quality film products, from functional and decorative films and blinds for windows, a variety of self-adhesive decorative foils, media printable films to product application films.  HT also developed its own self-adhesive foil brand – Filmotac in early 90’s.  Distribution covers China, South East Asia, North America and Eastern Europe.

In 2005, HT has successfully obtained Hong Kong & Macau sole distributorship of the world’s leading brand of window film – LLumar.  HT then launched a new product of Skylight solar control blinds in 2007. 

In 2012, HT introduced the Netherland’s renowned decorative foils brand Gekkofix to the Asia market.  In 2013, HT introduced the ALL NEW Alkor self-adhesive foil to the market, and obtained its sole distributor for the South East Asia region, including Australia and New Zealand.

With growing public concerns over energy savings and environmental protection, HT has provided comprehensive and sophisticated ‘Energy Efficiency Consultation’ services to quite a few Government bodies, organizations, universities and schools.  The company has gained wide recognition in providing quality energy saving consultations, and achieved several awards – ‘Environmental Protection & Friendly Business Award’ by North District Junior Chamber in 2009, U Green Award by U Magazine in 2010, and The Finalist in the Building Product Category in Green Building Award by Hong Kong Green Building Council in 2012.

With over 42 years experience in film business, HT plays a major and leading role in the film market with an extensive distributor network that well covers Hong Kong, Macau, China and South East Asia.

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Our Service

HT provides professional installation services of window films and customize any kind of film installation to ensure quality performance. As the sole distributor of the world-class brand – LLumar, all technicians are factory-trained by CPFilms reputed technical training program with the leading edge in installation technology. Together with our in-house training, technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to deliver the industry’s best installation service.

Our Solutions


reduce sun heat

Window Film

Reduce sun heat and glare, Reject UV to prevent premature color fading, enhance privacy


Auto Film

Window Tint and Paint Protection. Look forward to more style, comfort, and durability on the road.

window film

Safety Film

Protect your glass and window from typhoon, force entry and spontaneous breaking

window film

Deco Film

Combine your creativity with the flexibility decorative films and the possibilities are endless.

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Heat Blocking Blinds

To block solar heat, UV radiation and glare.

We are the Authorized Distributor for


Authorized Dealer


Window Film

Solar Heat Rejection Ultra high solar heat rejection performance with enhanced durability material design for exterior use 

UV Rejection At least 99% UV rejection to keep away harmful UV rays 

Low Reflection Feature with low visible light reflection to offer mirror-free appearance that keeps clear day and night views

Auto Film


Low Temperatures lower cooling costs and CO2 emissions

LUV Rejection rejecting up to 99.9% harmful UVA and UVB rays

Fade Protection preserve the color of interior from premature wear and fading

Interference Free allows 100% transparency to such mobile signals

Safety Film


  • Provide effective defense from glass fragments in the event of glass breaking.
  • Enhance personally safety and avoid unnecessary injuries by broken glasses.
  • Feature super optical transparency to maintain clear views.

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Environmental Protection & Friendly Business Award 2009

HT has been awarded the ‘Environmental Protection & Friendly Business Award’ by North District Junior Chamber in 2009 for the recognition in providing quality energy saving consultations.

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window film

LLumar Helps to save a little girl's life.

Window Film Magazine  V13 Issue  Jan/Feb 2009. To be shown exactly like this

Posted on Hong Kong Property Times in 2009

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Posted on Hong Kong Property Times in 2008