Skylight Window Film

A house brand of HT established in 1979. Stringently produced by CPFilms, Skylight CP Series offers a family of good and reliable quality of films ranges from solar heat reduction film, safety and security film to decoration film with excellent quality and strong durability.


CP Series

Solar Heat Rejection reject max. 73% solar heat to cool down room temperature.

UV Rejection reject up to 99% harmful UV ray to protect visions and skins.

Fade Production eliminate UV rays to provide anti-fading protection to furnishings and merchandises.

Energy Saving lower cooling expense by rejecting excessive solar heat and UV rays from outside.

Glare Reduction filter out uncomfortable glare by 80%  to eliminate the light reflection appears on TV, computer screen and books for better visions.

Multi Protection prevent shattering of glass during glass breakage to avoid personal injuries and properties damages. 

UV Rejection provide visions and skins protection; preserve the true color of furnishings and merchandises.

Solar Heat Rejection reject certain amount of solar heat to cool down indoor temperature (only applicable to solar control safety series).

Privacy & Decoration either plainly applied for privacy or cut into desired patterns for fashions.

UV Rejection Feature 99% UV rejection for better health, prevent color fading of furnishings and merchandises.

Solar Heat Rejection offer different levels of solar heat rejection to keep away the heat from outside. 

Specialty Film

Specially designed for exterior application to resist harsh outdoors environment, its ultra low reflectivity enhance the exterior appearance of a building without interference to neighbouring buildings.   

Solar Heat Rejection ultra high solar heat rejection performance with enhanced durability material design for exterior use.

UV Rejection at least 99% UV rejection to keep away harmful UV rays.

Low Reflection feature with low visible light reflection to offer mirror-free appearance that keeps clear day and night views

PET film

Applicable to solvent based and UV inkjet print

Enhance interior design by graphic print on the matt film while secure effective privacy

Applicable to any glass surface

Adhesive removable

All in one PET film which provide Safety, Decorative and Advertising solution

Safety feature

Provide effective defense from glass fragments in the event of glass breaking

Enhance personally safety and avoid unnecessary injuries by broken glasses

Feature super optical transparency to maintain clear views

Decoration & Advertising feature

Provide unlimited ideas for glass decoration in shopping malls, exhibition halls, restaurants, commercial and residential lobbies with stunning graphic creations

Applicable to solvent based and UV inkjet print

Two-way views capture consumers’ attentions

Applicable to any glass surface

Solar Control

Reject more than 80% solar heat and glare, as well as 99% UV

Acrylic Protection

Protect polycarbonate from weathering damage, no worry on bubbling and blistering problems

Wide Application

Suitable to apply on most PC and PMMA surfaces, ideal for skylights, rooftops, stadiums, etc. application

SR Series

Skylight SR Series is the leading solar window film brand for D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself) installation, providing an easy way to install the film by anyone.  The series offer a complete line of films to enhance indoor environment by solving heat, UV, fading, glare and privacy problems.  Skylight DIY packs are available in major building materials, wallpapers, curtains and house-ware shops in Hong Kong.  

Solar Heat Rejection

UV Rejection

Fade Protection

Energy Saving

Glare Reduction


Solar Control Blinds

A combination of solar window film and traditional shades offering a flexible solution in blocking solar heat, UV radiation and glare.  The transparent blinds provide high and clear visibility while securing effective privacy.  Available in roller blinds and vertical blinds styles, with a selection of embossed and embossed & pleated pattern for aesthetic and functional requirement.

Solar Heat Rejection block out much of solar heat by up to 92%

UV Rejection reject 99.9% harmful UV rays for vision and skin protection, and anti-fade protection for furnishings

Glare Reduction at least 88% glare are blocked out to eliminate eye strain problem

Energy Saving rolling down the blinds in daytime can effectively moderate room temperature and reduce the usage of air-conditioning system, an environmental friendly way to build a better environment 

Privacy the transparent feature combines with low reflectivity secure daytime privacy without blocking any view

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