Decorative Film

The FILMOTAC collection comes with various plain palette and sophisticated window patterns to enhance any household and commercial interior. The window pattern films add visionary styles and privacy casually. Hygienically harmless, solvents free, comprehensive design and cost effective, that’s FILMOTAC - an excellent blend of aesthetic, economy and performance.


A series of plain and sparkling color films to create impressive effects, ideal for mix & match, advertising, furnishing and styling use, available in matt and glossy color, transparent book covering film, and metallic color.

The various patterns and colors of Filmotac window pattern film offer a stylish, comfortable and effective level of privacy to any flat glass application.  The films can be easily removed and replaced when a new look is desired, Filmotac simply offer a cost-effective way to create an entirely new environment of space and comfort, perfect for residential and commercial application.

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