Sangetsu Corporation (Sangetsu) was originally founded in Japan around 1849 during the Edo Era, when the Shogunate government still existed. Its core business was being an installer of paper sliding doors and other traditional Japanese interior products for Nagoya Castle.


Wallcovering for residential and non-residential use are widely available, varying from simple patterns to more intricate patterns such as wood, stone and floral.
We also have special wallcoverings available such as hand-made wallcoverings using Japanese traditional craftsmanship, textile wallcoverings, paper weave, sisal, etc.
Functional wallcoverings is one of our popular products with qualities like deodorizing, anti-bacterial, anti-scratch, and more.
Self-adhesive PVC decorative film, REATEC is also available, which is perfect solution to your renovation projects.
We have more than 4,000 items in our range. We are sure you will find your favorite wallcoverings which will suit to any situation

“Cosmetic film with adhesive” that can be used not only for architectural interiors, but also for pillars, furniture, doors, etc. The lineup has a total of 740 points, equipped with “high design” and “abundant color variations” for a wide range of scenes such as offices and hotels, stores, amusement facilities, and houses.

Glass film sample book “CLEAS” that has both design and functionality. It has a wealth of functions and designs that can be recommended not only for public facilities, educational facilities, offices, and commercial facilities, but also for housing, and can be widely used for various properties. Have a clear tomorrow with Sangetsu’s glass film.

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