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Decorative Film

Combine your creativity with the flexibility decorative films and the possibilities are endless.

With over 60 years of experience, Eastman Performance Films, LLC is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance window films and tint that are used in automotive, residential and commercial applications. We don’t tolerate anything less than true color, optimal durability, and optical clarity. We also believe in putting our products into dealers’ hands who will do them justice.

LLumar opens unlimited design possibilities to bring vibrant color, visual effects, textured feel, and graphic patterns to nearly any glass surface.

UV Rejection filter out up to 99% harmful UV rays to provide comprehensive protection to eyes and skins as well as furnishing and art pieces.

Glare Reduction help deflect harsh and annoying glare to reduce eye strain and build a better living, working or studying environment.

Enhance Privacy provide different levels of privacy to accommodate to any environment to avoid glancing.

hangtai skylight

A house brand of HT established in 1979. Stringently produced by CPFilms, Skylight CP Series offers a family of good and reliable quality of films ranges from solar heat reduction film, safety and security film to decoration film with excellent quality and strong durability.

CP Series

 Privacy & Decoration either plainly applied for privacy or cut into desired patterns for fashions.

 UV Rejection Feature 99% UV rejection for better health, prevent color fading of furnishings and merchandises.

 Solar Heat Rejection offer different levels of solar heat rejection to keep away the heat from outside. 

Specialty Film

 PET film

 Applicable to solvent based and UV inkjet print

 Enhance interior design by graphic print on the matt film while secure effective privacy

 Applicable to any glass surface

 Adhesive removable

Specialty Film

All in one PET film which provide Safety, Decorative and Advertising solution

Safety feature

 Provide effective defense from glass fragments in the event of glass breaking

 Enhance personally safety and avoid unnecessary injuries by broken glasses

 Feature super optical transparency to maintain clear views

Decoration & Advertising feature

 Provide unlimited ideas for glass decoration in shopping malls, exhibition halls, restaurants, commercial and residential lobbies with stunning graphic creations

 Applicable to solvent based and UV inkjet print

 Two-way views capture consumers’ attentions

 Applicable to any glass surface

hangtai Filmotac

The FILMOTAC collection comes with various plain palette and sophisticated window patterns to enhance any household and commercial interior. The window pattern films add visionary styles and privacy casually. Hygienically harmless, solvents free, comprehensive design and cost effective, that’s FILMOTAC – an excellent blend of aesthetic, economy and performance.

A series of plain and sparkling color films to create impressive effects, ideal for mix & match, advertising, furnishing and styling use, available in matt and glossy color, transparent book covering film, and metallic color.

The various patterns and colors of Filmotac window pattern film offer a stylish, comfortable and effective level of privacy to any flat glass application.  The films can be easily removed and replaced when a new look is desired, Filmotac simply offer a cost-effective way to create an entirely new environment of space and comfort, perfect for residential and commercial application.

hangtai alkor

Alkor is one of the leading brands in surface decoration industry, focusing in self-adhesive films, table decorations as well as wall and floor coverings for both household and commercial application. Originated from and manufactured by Alkor-Venilia Gmbh in Gräfelfing, Germany, Alkor has three production facilities and eight sales offices around the world to support the growing demand from over 70 countries.

The complete collection of Alkor’s self-adhesive films range from plain colors, velvet, metallic, wood, marble, nature, tiles, flock, leather to decoration patterns offers unsurpassed diversity in application.  All Alkor adhesive films are hygienically harmless with solvents free adhesive. 





Softmetal & Designer foils


Shihouette Flock



Window Pattern

Victual Static

hangtai d-c-fix

A renowned Red Dot Design Award German brand, offers a wide variety of decoration films to beautify walls, doors, furniture, floors, and glass, whether traditional- classic, stylish-elegant, or playful-modern – there are no limits on creativity.

 Easy to apply


 No loss of light

 Fully removable

 Ideal for side-lights and glass door panes

 High quality – Made in Germany

 Easy to apply


 Water resistant

 Heat resistant to 170°F


 Wipe clean

 Repositionable during application

 Use heat to shape around curved edges or beveled doors

 Bonds in 24 hours – fully removable

 High quality – Made in Germany

 Easy to apply

 Static cling – no adhesive

 70% Visible light transmission

 45% Heat rejection

 Glare protection

 99% UV protection

 Prevents furnishings from fading

 Scratch resistant

 Fully removable – leaves no residue


 High quality – Made in Germany


Wallcovering for residential and non-residential use are widely available, varying from simple patterns to more intricate patterns such as wood, stone and floral.

“Cosmetic film with adhesive” that can be used not only for architectural interiors, but also for pillars, furniture, doors, etc. The lineup has a total of 740 points, equipped with “high design” and “abundant color variations” for a wide range of scenes such as offices and hotels, stores, amusement facilities, and houses.

Glass film sample book “CLEAS” that has both design and functionality. It has a wealth of functions and designs that can be recommended not only for public facilities, educational facilities, offices, and commercial facilities, but also for housing, and can be widely used for various properties. Have a clear tomorrow with Sangetsu’s glass film.

Customize, Enhance, and Add Privacy to Your Space with Decorative Film

Customize Decorative films can be cut into one-of-a-kind patterns and designs to fit your building’s existing layout. This will create a unique atmosphere that welcomes customers and inspires employees.

Create Privacy Go ahead, welcome in the beauty of natural light while still maintaining your privacy with Madico’s many decorative film options. Install window privacy film to create unique meeting spaces which complement the building’s design.

Affordability Decorative window film installation is an affordable alternative to etched or frosted privacy glass. At a fraction of the cost, window film application creates the same atmosphere, allowing businesses to invest in other areas.

Add Style Madico’s decorative films add an element of style to any space, plus they can be easily removed and replaced as trends change.

UV Protection Select Madico decorative films block the sun’s harmful UV rays protecting your skin and furnishings from fading.

Enhance Safety Want total privacy? We offer select decorative films that block 100% of light transmission.

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